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Every fantasy deserves a map

No matter if you’re playing games in your own fantasy world, writing a novel or if you are just a vivid dreamer of the strangest places: a map always helps to inspire!

This site is like an old shop, somewhere in a back alley, where forgotten maps and atlases are piled up in every corner and you discover new things all the time. Although our piles are still small, it is growing every week. In the portfolio, you can see a selection of maps that show you what is possible. In the ‘off-the-shelf’ corner, you can find ready-to-use maps for a low price, including a small introduction of what you can find in this world. The commissioning section explains what happens when you have an imaginary world in your head that you would like to be mapped. Or even if you don’t have a world in your head yet, but just some vague ideas, don’t hesitate to contact. Because after all, every fantasy deserves a map!

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What people said about their commissioned map

“It is so beautiful that I cannot say it with praise. I don’t know how to thank you, all I can do is print the story as soon as possible and send you an English version. “

This is really coming in nicely. Looking at this is actually letting me flesh out these 3 nations. I am happy with how you are working with my vision 

“I am absolutely blown away. This concept is already unreal.
I appreciate your inputs and trust you completely. “

“Looks great.  Love the assets and the look.  Super excited.”

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