As you enter the inn, you instantly notice a pleasant smell coming from the kitchens. A lady with a cheerful appearance is just passing you with a basket full of vegetables, probably meant for whatever is being prepared in the kitchen.

She stops when she sees you and starts talking with a happy voice: “Well, hello there, I haven’t seen you here before, have I? Are you new in town?”

You admit that you are, which she regards as an invitation to introduce you to some of the guests.

“This here is Linwe, my favorite Stonefall guard! But don’t tell that to Badar who’s sitting over there. He’s also nice, but Linwe is still my favorite!”

With the vegetable basket still in her hands, she moves on to the next table. “That’s Akunar, the mayor of Lakutata. Maybe you’ve met him already? He likes coming here, to be around the common people of the town. It’s something I appreciate in him. But it’s also risky… Not everybody likes him and two days ago, when he was here as well, having some drinks with Pakita the blacksmith, he got attacked! Luckily, Pakita’s partner – who’s a Stonefall guard  – was on guard duty that day and caught the attacker quickly, before he could really harm the mayor. It was quite an event!”

As she continues with the other tables, your thoughts slowly drift away to more important matters: “Excuse me, but could I have some of that deliciously smelling food that is brewing in the kitchen?”

“Oh, our famous Twelve Stones soup, of course! Sit down.”