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If you want your own, custom-made map there are several things to consider. First of all, of course, you should browse through my portfolio to see if my style matches what you like. A lot is possible, so it’s always worth asking if something can be done to suit your taste.

5 reasons why people choose FantasyMapShop to make a fantasy map for them:

  1. I have a background in geography and can help you creating a realistic, believable world
  2. I have made over 300 fantasy maps of which more than half were commissions. I’ve never had someone dislike the result
  3. I trust you and want you to trust me. I don’t bother with formalities (unless you want to): no contract, no prepayment and I won’t come after you for copyrights. All I ask is not to sell the map as a stand-alone product, but you can use it wherever and however you like
  4. I am flexible and my software is flexible. If you reconsider the placement of a city, have second thoughts about the style or want to have labels added even after the commission is finished: no problem, just contact me (this doesn’t mean changing the whole map just to ‘see how it looks’) 

Time and details 

For a commission request, it’s up to you how many details you give me in advance to work with. This can vary from ‘a world map with several continents’ to a sketch you already made in Photoshop or on a piece of paper. Together we will talk through some details of the map and once everything is clear, we will both decide if we feel happy with the idea of me making your map.

The time it takes to make your map varies from 6 up to 20 hours, depending on several factors, such as:

  • the scale of the map
  • the level of detail
  • the number of ‘extra’s’ you would like to see (building icons, roads, labels, etc)
  • how many details you provide vs how much freedom I have to ‘fill’ the map

During the mapmaking process, I will give you a regular update so you can follow the chosen style, outline and details. If you want any alterations during the process: no worries, just name them.


The creation of your own custom map can take up to 20 hours, depending on the level of detail that you want. If I would charge a decent hourly rate, a map would cost quite a sum. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. At Fantasy Map Shop, the price list is not based on the amount of hours spent, nor on the size of the map, but it is based on how satisfied you are with the result. I am one of those few people who still have faith in the goodness of humanity and that everybody gets what they deserve. Therefore, the amount that you pay, entirely depends on how much you appreciate my work.

All the money I receive from maps, I save to eventually live my dream, together with my girlfriend and our dog Zuko. We want to live off-grid, away from aIl the hassle and the ‘how life’s supposed to be lived‘ opinions. Originally, we had planned to travel the world in an old camper van, but due to Covid, that seems to become too restricted. So we changed our goal to living a simple life, off-grid, in blissful isolation. An introvert’s dream!

I would be extremely grateful for any amount you give for a map that I make, so that I can make this dream come true.

Satisfaction-based price list for a commissioned map

I'm not satisfied with the result
I'm happy with the result
I'm very happy with the result
I'm exceptionally happy with the result and think the map will be of great use for many months to come
An amount of your choice

I will keep the copyright of the original work and the right to display the map on my website and social media (resized). You have the right to display and use the map in whichever way you want, except for selling it as a stand-alone product. If you wish to own the copyright or don’t want me to show the map on my website and social media, let me know before I start working on the map and we can work something out. I will not sell the map to others, unless you give me specific permission to do so.

Payment can be done through PayPal ( or for Europeans by an IBAN bank transfer.