Map Commissions

Get Ready To Map Your World!

Map commissions price list

Payment can be done through PayPal ( or for Europeans by an IBAN bank transfer.

Final product delivery is a PNG or JPG file. No physical products are shipped.

Commissioning a map made fun, easy and cheap

If you want to commission your own, custom-made fantasy map, there are several things to consider, but above all, my map style should match with what you like. A lot is possible, so it’s always worth asking if something can be done to suit your taste. And if commissioning a map is not within your budget, you can also consider buying an off-the-shelf map from the webshop.

5 reasons why people choose FantasyMapShop to make a fantasy map for them:

  1. I have a background in geography and can help you creating a realistic, believable world;
  2. I have made over 300 fantasy maps. I’ve never had someone dislike the result;
  3. I am flexible and my software is flexible. Throughout the mapmaking process, I’ll send updates on which you can give your feedback so that I can change it before the final version.

Time and details 

It’s entirely up to you how many details you give me ahead of the commission. I love the freedom to help you create your world, but if you already have a lot of things worked out, just send it.

The time it takes to make your map varies and depends on several factors, such as:

  • the scale of the map;
  • the level of detail;
  • the number of ‘extra’s’ you would like to see (building icons, roads, labels, etc.);
  • feedback and edits.

Fees and satisfaction

I’ll be honest and straightforward: if every commissioner would pay the base rate of $100, I wouldn’t be able to continue doing this work. My base rate starts from $100, because I don’t want to scare people away who may not be able to afford a higher fee. Everybody deserves the chance to have their fantasy world come to life!

I am one of those people who still has faith in the goodness of humanity and that everybody gets what they deserve. Therefore, the amount that you pay, entirely depends on how much you appreciate my work. I’m very grateful for any tips on top of the base rate which makes it possible for me to continue to follow my passion!