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If you want your own, customized map there are several things to consider. First of all, of course, you should check out my portfolio to see if my style matches what you like. A lot is possible, so it’s always worth to ask if something can be done to suit your taste.

For a commission request, it’s up to you how much detail you give me in advance to work with. This can vary from ‘a world map with several continents’ to a sketch you already made in Photoshop or on a piece of paper. Together we will talk through some details of the map and once everything is clear, we will both decide if we feel happy with the idea of me making your map.

I am not a full-time mapmaker. I do this in my free time and I must admit: I love doing it. Therefore I can’t make a map in just a few days, since I spend about 6 to 20 hours on a single map. The time it takes to make your map depends on several factors, such as:

  • the scale of the map
  • the level of detail
  • the number of ‘extra’s’ you would like to see (building icons, roads, labels, etc)

During the mapmaking process, I will give you a regular update so you can follow the chosen style, outline and details. If you want any alterations during the process: no worries, just name them.


The creation of your own customized map can cost up to 25 hours, depending on the level of detail that you want. If I would charge a decent hourly rate, a map could cost you quite a sum. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. At Fantasy Map Shop, the price list is not based on the amount of hours spent, nor on the size of the map, but it is based on how satisfied you are with the result. This may sound naive and silly, but I am one of those few people who still has faith in the goodness of humanity and that everybody gets what they deserve. Therefore, the amount that you pay entirely depends on what you want to give for it.

All the money I receive I save to eventually buy an old camper van in which my girlfriend and I will be travelling around the world. On the way, I intend to continue making maps to be able to continue the trip for as long as possible. I would be extremely grateful for any amount you voluntarily give for a map that I make, so that I can make this dream come true.

    The price list for my maps is as follows

    I'm not satisfied with the result
    I'm okay with the result, but it's less than expected
    I'm reasonably fine with the result
    I'm happy with the result
    I'm very happy with the result
    I'm exceptionally happy with the result and think the map will be of great use for many months to come
    An amount of your choice

    In all cases, the map is not for commercial use and I will keep the copyright of the original work and the right to display the map on my website and social media (resized). I will not sell the map to others, unless you give me specific permission to do so.

    If you want the full rights and (commercial) licence of the map, please contact me and we will work out a good price that works for both of us.