Mapmaking Contest

Fantasy Winter Theme

More than €100 worth of prizes!

After being part of the fantasy mapmaking community and the Wonderdraft community for several years, I decided it’s time to initiate something myself. And with winter coming soon (at least in my part of the world), that seemed a perfect theme for a FANTASY MAPMAKING CONTEST.

Contest rules

  • One entry per person.
  • You must be the original creator of the map.
  • The map must be in a winter theme (take this as broad as you like, from a world map to an encounter map and everything in between).
  • You can use any means to create your map, as long as you submit it digitally.
  • When using digital assets, make sure that you have the rights to use them. Don’t use anything illegally.
  • Submit your entry before Wednesday 1 December 6pm CET by sending it to or posting on Instagram mentioning @fantasymapshop.

A winter village in the Kingdom of Ordur

An unknown monster has left tracks after a visit to someone’s tent


All entries will be judged after the submission deadline by a group of 3 judges (myself, someone from the mapmaking community and an ‘outsider’). Maps will be judged on (but not limited to) creativity, visual appeal and incorporation of the theme.


The 10 best submissions win a prize from the prize pool, where the winner gets to choose something first, then the runner-up, etc (to avoid people winning something they don’t need). The prize pool consists of:

The Silver Wolf Inn in winter

How to submit your map

Submit your entry before Wednesday 1 December 6pm CET by sending it to or posting on Instagram mentioning @fantasymapshop. Only digital entries are accepted, so if you make a hand-drawn map, please scan it or take a (good) photo and send it digitally.

You receive an email confirmation within 24 hours after submission and one more email when the winners are announced.


The longest night in Bell-Ville

Wacky Wheels creates escape games, both online as in the real world. Besides road trip events, city games and team events, there’s now for the first time an escape game as a physical booklet.

The game reads as a fantasy story where you have to solve puzzles to unravel a mystery. In this special winter edition, you have to help the villagers of Bell-Ville prepare for the upcoming winter and the crossing of the Frozen Wastelands.

For yourself or as a (Christmas) gift


Perfect as a Christmas gift for that person who loves all kinds of fantasy stories, games and escape rooms!

Check out for more information or just send me a message and I’ll gladly tell you all about it!

A Mystery Story Puzzle Game