Get Ready To Map Your World!

Here you can find examples of my style and work. These images are resized and meant to give you an impression of what is possible. The original maps will be high resolution, printable up to A2 size (or higher if needed).

I am a mapmaker with a background in geography and a life-long passion for maps. In my work I use assets that are made by people who are a lot more talented in drawing than I am:

  • Zalkenai (nebulae, chasms, floating Islands, crystals)
  • K.M. Alexander (various black and white assets)
  • Silvia Crow (manors, temples and other top-down assets)
  • Elvanos (volcanos)
  • Nexones (frames)
  • Jchunick (frames, clouds, caldera, maelstrom)
  • Lapis (trees and mountains)
  • Syldi (faerie lights)
  • AmbitiousRoad (desert icons)
  • Arkangel (volcano fire)
  • Mike Schley (various top-down assets)
  • ProFantasy (various overland assets)
  • Apprentice of Aule (AoAMountainsAndHills)
  • Apprentice of Aule (AoATrees)
  • and of course Megasploot for creating Wonderdraft, the program in which all my maps are drawn.

If you believe that your (or someone else’s) name is missing in this list, then I deeply regret that mistake and ask you to let me know so I can update it.