Adroya – A troubled continent


This pack contains 2 high resolution versions (4961 x 7016), one with labels and one without (except for the legend).

Adroya is a densely populated continent with limited amounts of fertile lands to serve everybody. The north is cold and inhospitable. Only the Ancients manage to survive in this barren land of which recently the northern part has broken off from the mainland. The south is hot and has limited possibilities to settle. The old Kingdom of Rhyderon has managed to build thriving cities along the coast and the only river in the region, but other than that, nobody can survive for long in the burning sun. In the southeast lies Judennia where rocky plains stretch out as far as the eyes can see. The people living here look with envy at their northern neighbors:  Loria and Calladona. These kingdoms occupy the limited good lands of the continent. But even within these kingdoms, troubles arise. More and more cities within the borders of Calladona separate themselves from the kingdom to form their own city-states. And the elves from the island of Corannir are starting to show more and more interest in an expansion into Loria.

While the kingdoms get ready to defend their territories or claim that of others, adventurers have great opportunities for finding ancient artifacts and treasure without being paid too much attention by the authorities.


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