Alternative Europe map


Resolution: 7026 x  4966 (300 PPI when printing on A2 size)

PNG file.

A lot of fantasy maps are consciously or unconsciously based on or inspired by real world places. In the case of this alt-Europe map, it’s no secret what it’s based on… But can you see the – sometimes – subtle difference with the real Europe?

The old Celtic countries and regions are once again united, Denmark’s vikings came closer to the lands they once desired (and almost did) so much to conquer. Italy is merged with its neighbours across the Adriatic Sea. Crimea moved to Turkey, Spain moved east, the Islands in the Mediterranean changed position as did big parts of Greece and what is this mysterious scar in the middle of the sea…?

Create your own campaign on this alt-Europe map. Will you let giants roam the cold north? An ancient civilization rule the far south? Do elves live in the islands in the northwest? What threatening and unknown empire rules in thee ast? And which dangers lurk in the mountains between ‘France’ and ‘Spain’?

The map is there, the rest is yours to create!


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