A fantasy town in the bogs!

The download contains 4 versions of this map, all in a resolution of 4962 x 3508:

  • VTT-friendly (under 5 MB) with labels (name Astindon and marked locations)
  • VTT-friendly (under 5 MB) without labels
  • For printing on A3 with labels (name Astindon and marked locations)
  • For printing on A3 without labels

Close to the sea, in the delta of the River Ilvan, you can find the small town of Astindon. Across the river are the notoriously dangerous bogs, while closer to the town itself are the uninviting Slithers. Astindon and its surroundings are well known for the abundance of snakes and other reptiles, but the few people who ventured farther out of town and made it back alive, know that the marshes hide many other secrets. And the snakes are the least to be worried about…

Add the town of Astindon to your fantasy RPG campaign or use the unlabeled version to create your own stories based that take place in this town!


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