Averrose – To the unexplored lands


Version available for download in this purchase:

  • 3508 x 2480 with labels of all cities, 4 kingdoms and the name of Averrose
  • 3508 x 2480 without labels

In Averrose, humans have lived in relative peace for a long time in the kingdom of Gylon on the southwest tip of the continent. Their neighbours, the dwarves of Nal Doral and the elves of Shalivar bother mostly with themselves, although they both don’t like it when humans cross their lands. Therefore, the lands to the north and east of the continent are mostly unknown by mankind.

In the southeast lies the island kingdom of Nakiya of which little is known. Of the Dragon Reign Isles in the south, everybody knows one thing: don’t ever try to go there…

Do your players there to venture beyond Light’s Respite? Visit the Ironbark jungle or the floating island of Arkanice? Will they find out what secrets the desert keeps from humans? And who these mysterious Nakiya are?


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