Badhur Mine 4


Adventure map!

Review from an experienced DM: “I used this map with 3 different groups of players, all at different levels of game play experience (some were very experienced players and some had only recently started playing), I wanted to see how it worked with people of all different experiences. In my personal opinion I think this map was great! I liked the descriptions next to the rooms and the different encounters that were already listed in them as well. It saved me a lot of time and work by having all of that already there, all I had to do was get the stats for the creatures and I was pretty much set. I also like how it was able to fit into the campaigns I was playing, you put just enough information for there to be a solid base to play off of, but also enough room to mold it nicely into my story.”

The pack contains a DM map with all the explanation, items and objects in it as well as a player map without all these.

Both maps come in a version without grid and with grid (24 x 33). The versions with grid are in high resolution (for printing) as well as low resolution (for VTT).

The Badhur mines consist of several mines each with their own entrance. Some of them are being actively mined, while others were abandoned long ago.
Originally, the mines were built by dwarves who also lived in them. During the Moksha Wars they were driven out, afte which the mines remained empty for a long time. Only 40 years ago, when emperor Jonakin the 3rd annexed the Iron Hills, some of the mines were reopened again.
Mine 4 is one of the oldest mines in the area and has never been reopened. Officially because it is depleted, but among the miners, rumors go that it is because of the strange creatures living within the mine.
As the mine was so long ago abandoned, some chambers are overgrown with moss and in the largest of them, even small trees grow. It is said that the three dwarven founders of the Badhur Mines are buried inside this mine and were worshiped by the other dwarves.
Mine 4 is also the place where, according to legend, the Scroll of Oblivion can be found. For as long as anyone can remember, nobody has dared to see if the legend is true…


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