Dragon Trail map of Anglo-Celtic Isles


With 2 friends, I’m just back from the UK to do a test run for something we plan to do in the first weekend of June: a 3-day road trip quest called The Dragon Trail.

We aim for 20-30 teams of 2-4 people who start in Dover and don’t know where they’ll be going yet. A professor has asked the team to find evidence for his controversial dragon theory. You will embark on a quest of 3 days following a dragon trail full of mystery, conspiracy and of course: dragons! In the meantime, you compete with all the other teams solving puzzles and finding the trail and aim for the top spot in the ranking!   If this sounds like something for you, then make sure to check out www.wackywheels.nl (and yes, there is a registration fee, but no, we don’t expect to get rich ftom it. We’re happy if we can cover all costs and have tons of fun)


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