This download contains 2 version of the city map, both in a resolution of 4962 x 3508. One version has labels of the city and highlights in the city that can be used as plot hooks, while the other versions has no labels at all. Both versions are under 8MB, so VTT-friendly.

Egilholm is the capital of the similarly named region with a population of 1,730. The region itself is only thinly populated, especially the part of the Lower Iron Hills in which the town can be found.

The town is home to some odd inhabitants:

  • Dilya Venqen – an elven mage who lives in his treehouse estate in the northeastern part of town;
  • Griffo Whitfoot – a hobbit refugee, expelled from his village in the Iron Hills, trying to make a home for himself within the city walls of Egilholm;
  • Jawyn the Hermit – a man who has lived all of his life in a self-built cottage in the middle of the Iron Marshes
  • Ingunn Orndottir – a shield maiden and hero of many wars

And then there’s of course the Lair of the Hollow Creeper, the Haunted District, the Flying Serpents Circus and the famous inn The Shattered Fishbone.

Plenty to do and discover in Egilholm!


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