Enura – Land of the five kingdoms and beyond


The map comes in 2 different style version which are both available in a 2550×3300 and a 5100×6600 resolution (so the purchase contains 4 files in total).

Five kingdoms exist on the southern part of Enura, sometimes at peace, most of the times at war. To the west lies the Elven kingdom of Yllf Lenora, to the east the unsettled lands of Minh-Ra. The real dangers however, lie not in the south, but in the north of the continent. To the northeast are the vast lands of the Orcs, accessible only through the high mountains or the valley of volcanoes which lie beyond the Cursed Lands with its red river. To the northwest, lie the similarly vast lands of the Goblins, which can be reached through a tricky mountain pass or by following the coastline and crossing the Pirate Colonies.
Whichever path is chosen, according to legend, boundless riches await the brave…


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