A fantasy swamp city!

The download contains 4 versions of this map, all in a resolution of 4962 x 3508:

  • VTT-friendly (under 8 MB) with labels (name Hiragh and marked locations)
  • VTT-friendly (under 8 MB) without labels
  • For printing on A3 with labels (name Hiragh and marked locations)
  • For printing on A3 without labels

Expand your dnd (or other rpg) game night for just €1 with this pack of additional swamp battle maps or perhaps this encounter map of the Canopy Inn.

The town of Hiragh is built on several islands and stretches of dry land within the swamps of Vaagh. For a long time, there was just Hiragh Castle and the Holy Shrine of the Vaagh, but gradually more and more bits of dry land were used to expand it into the town it now is.

More than a dozen of bridges connect all the different parts of the town. The famous Vaagh Silencers – a sort of voluntary outcasts – live in crude huts and cabins along the swamp’s edges, while the most famous Vaagh Warriors gather in the Hall of Heroes.

Other marked locations in Hiragh are the Moss Temple, on its own small island and the Home of the Speaker: an ancient one who can speak for all.


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