Invasion of the Ettins


This map of giant floating islands comes in a version with labels and without labels, both in high resolution (7013 x 4960).

In the year 1454, Ettinoria – the realm of the Ettins – plots an invasion against the noble people of Lindoriath. The Ettins manage to float alongside the Lindorians and with long ropes and anchors they deploy a huge army on the Plains of Lindor in the east of the realm. Within days, the Ettins manage to capture several villages as well as the city of Wormgate, located at the edge of Mog’s Jungle. Moshfall follows soon after as well as Worten’s Keep, which surrenders after a short siege.

When the Ettins reach the Valley of the Elves, the Lindorian king Baruk III has assembled a great army of humans from Lindor, Modwick and Marshville, strengthened by a regiment of dwarves from Arfintozh and the elves from the Valley to defend the land of the elves and Iriel’s Jungle right behind it. The two armies clash at the foot of the Golden Mountains and the battle lasts no less than three full days. King Baruk III and his Lindorians are victorious and the surviving Ettins flee back to their drop point. Many of them don’t make it back to Ettinoria, but in their panic and desperation fall off the edge of Lindoriath and into the storm-wracked ocean underneath.

The day of this great victory is still celebrated every year and called Baruk’s day. Baruk III himself has received an enormous statue from the elves as a token of their gratitude and the statue is still the main sight in Lindor, the capital of Lindoriath.


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