Ipft-Khepri – the lands of life and death


This map comes in two versions:

  • A high resolution PNG version for printing (4962 x 7019) suitable for 300 PPI at A2 size paper
  • A VTT, JPG version (2480 x 3508). Still perfectly fine for printing on A4 (standard printing paper)

Travel to this Egyptian-style land of Ipft-Khepri and discover the secrets of life and death.

Across the land, two rivers bring both life and death. The eastern river that springs from a lake called the Source of Life gives fertility. Where the western river comes from, nobody knows, but ancient tales mention a chasm in the earth where the water is pushed out from the underworld. Beyond the Temple of Death, nobody has ever traveled and returned…

Almost every city on this map belongs to Ipft-Khepri with the exception of a (Greek-style) city-state on the western coast, a city-state on the northern island and a fortress that belongs to the Order of Whispers. There are also several points of interest to be found on the map such as pyramids, obelisks, monasteries, a cave, ruins, temples and the Tower of Re.

Add your own flavor to this hot and sunny campaign map!


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