Kingdom of Ordur – country of (monster) hunters


This download contains 3 versions, all VTT-friendly (under 8mb) and in a resolution of 4780 x 3289.

  • One with the city markers and name labels of the Kingdom of Ordur in the Tales of Asnia
  • One without the labels, just the city markers
  • One without both labels and markers

The Kingdom of Ordur is surrounded by threats. To the north and east is the Valley of Zakh-Isma, where a dark wizard resides. To the east are the high Alga Mountains. To the south, the Lands of the Crai-Minh where no humans live and creatures of all kind freely roam. To the northwest lies the mighty Monakin Empire, always looking for opportunities to expand their borders.

There are city, town and village maps available of places on this Kingdom map. Look for them in the webshop, to make your kingdom complete and get a head start in creating your own campaign.


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