Lair of the Hollow Creeper


The download contains a VTT-friendly version both without and with grid (16×23). The resolution is 3508 x 2480.

In the webshop you can find 2 more encounter maps of Egilholm, as well as a city map. Together, enough to create your own, full adventure!

Within the city walls of Egilholm resides a monster which nobody has ever seen, but has come to be known as the Hollow Creeper. It has its lair in the southwestern part of the city, an place where nobody dares to get close. Neighboring residents as well the city guards, pretend there’s no monster, but are sure to keep their doors and windows locked with triple locks.

The mayor, being fed up with the nightly disappearances, ordered the city guard to enter the lair and investigate what this Hollow Creeper actually is. Does it hide in the rubble? Does it dig tunnels underground? Does it sneak on you from the trees?

The head of the city guard, being too scared to do the investigation himself, has offered a reward for any brave mercenary, adventurer or monster hunter to get rid of this Hollow Creeper once and for all…


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