Manakalao Valley – Surrounded by monsters


This pack contains 4 versions:

  • A high resolution version for printing (7060 x 5583). Note that this is not a standard resolution for printing so it will require some paper cutting after printing.
  • A version under 10MB suitable for most VTT (3508 x 2774)
  • Same as the above without the labels and scale bar (city icons and borders are still on it)

The Manakalao Valley is a large, relatively warm region amid the mountains. The fertile lands surround the Vanalon Sea and where the nations of the valley used to fight each other in the past, in recent history new threats have emerged. Creatures and monsters started creeping up the lands from all sides and on top of that, the volcano on the dragon island has recently become active again. Is it a harbinger of even worse things to come…?


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