Map Pack = Kingdom of Ordur + 5 villages/cities + location guide


This Map Pack includes a location guide, describing all 5 villages and cities in the pack as well as inspiration and plot hooks to create your own adventures. The following maps are in the Map Pack (all maps are VTT-friendly under 8MB in a resolution of 3508 x 2480 or higher and all come in both a labeled and an unlabeled version):

  • 1 Kingdom of Ordur map, the kingdom with threats on all sides;
  • 1 Map of the city Umana, famous for the Conqueror’s Bridge crossing the canyon which divides the city;
  • 1 Map of the city Turvana, half torn apart by a mysterious, magic attack;
  • 1 Map of the village Zinzaruna, known for its Hunting Club to go hunting on the nearby plains;
  • 1 Map of the village Uma-Ata’ar, a village at the foot of Mount Bolar which, due to its altitude, is covered in snow for at least half of the year;
  • 1 Map of the village Qura, where people can join monster hunting excursions, eat monster meat in the food corner, purchase rare monster curiosities such as teeth and bones or marvel at the caged monsters captured by the famous monster hunter Zorga.

Running your own campaign? Why not insert this new kingdom into it and make things easy for yourself! Together with a kingdom map, you get 5 of its settlements all mapped out and full of marked locations (and still plenty of room to mark your own). The capital, a large town and three villages, all in different sceneries and with different adventure opportunities. You also get a location guide with descriptions of the mapped locations as well as adventure inspiration and plot hooks to help you on your way.


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