Not’otoa – The struggle for power


This pack contains 2 versions of the Not’otoa map, one with all cities and major landmarks labelled and one without the labels.

Both version are in a resolution of 4960×3508. If you would like a higher resolution, please send me a message. The current resolution is good for printing on A3 size paper (in 300 PPI).

On the Not’otoa continent, there are two major power houses, separated by the Ravaged Lands of Saarlund where monsters roam. On the western shores, around the Kaloa Sea, is the Inakaloa Alliance; a union of City States working together to withstand the threat of the other power house. This other house is the Tristamite Empire which originated along the river just north of the Ocean of Sand in the northeast of the continent. The empire has been rapidly expanding, its latest annexations bordering Saarlund already.

In the north of Not’otoa is Trundljord, lands of wandering nomads and an occasional settlement of hardened people. To the southeast are the Wetlands, supposedly inhabited by primitive tribes, although our cartographer has never ventured there. To the south are fertile lands which are not part of the Alliance, nor the Empire. These lands are known to be inhabited by exiles of various races who are not too eager to see outsiders in their lands.

For the adventurers, against the background of this major conflict, there are many places to explore, monsters to slay and treasure to find. Will you lead them?


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