Oclar – The fantasy world that has it all


This map comes in 2 versions of the world map of Oclar, plus a bonus zoomed in version of the far-east continent of Orageni.

  • Oclar A3 printable version 4960 x 3508 (PNG, incompressed)
  • Oclar VTT-friendly version under 6MB 4960 x 3508 (JPG, compressed to make it suitable for VTT)
  • Orageni continent map 4760 x 3864

Contrary to most other maps in the webshop, there is no unlabeled version and no A2 printable version. Therefore the image quality might be slightly less than other maps (which is why it’s cheaper).

From the Scottish inspired islands ruled from Oakheart Castle to the Viking inspired lands of Aoalvik. From the swamps of Silverpool to the desert of Qisnes. From the Medieval lands of Arisford to the far east lands of Orageni. And from the pirates of Artuga to the mysterious, mist-covered continent without a name.

This world has it all: ice, heat, volcano, pirate cove, castles, a city in the mountains, swamps, pyramids, ruins and ancient stone circles.

The perfect world for those who can’t make up their mind on where the next adventure should start!


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