Orrim and the magical realm of Morrenwill


This map comes in two versions:

  • A high resolution PNG version for printing (4962 x 7019) suitable for 300 PPI at A2 size paper
  • A VTT, JPG version (2480 x 3508). Still perfectly fine for printing on A4 (standard printing paper)

Orrim is the 3rd continent in size of my world Asnia. It’s the lesser populated one, more wild than civilized. The only developed and organized kingdom is that of Nishtir in the northeast which covers most of the fertile lands. This kingdom is in constant fights with the neighboring clans that have no clear borders, but roam the land wherever they can find food and resources. Although the four major clans have something that resembles a capital city, most of the people are nomads or live in small villages.

The more south you go, the wilder it gets. Vast wastelands, dark mountains and unknown territories simply called ‘the Wilds’. Even the hardened people of the clans don’t have any appetite of exploring these regions. Expeditions from the more civilized parts of the world are usually abandoned before reaching anything of any interest.

In the far south lies the fabled large island that is home to the magical realm of Morrenwill. Some folks claim to have been there, but their stories are contradictory and proof is never given. The legends tell of an island with the most fertile lands, covered in green grass and forests. For most scholars and geographers it’s hard to believe, but after all, there are many more things happening in the world that can’t be explained by common sense…


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