Restville – village map


The pack contains:

  • 7019×4962 with 24×16 grid (good for printing on A2 at 300 PPI)
  • 1685×1191 with 24×16 grid
  • 1685×1191 without grid


The village of Restville is known for being quiet and peaceful. Nothing really happens in Restville. The farmers tend to their lands, the miller does his work in the mill and travelers usually just pass through without paying any attention to the village and its inhabitants.
But when false rumors about a group of traveling adventurers stealing food and coin at night and abducting little children when they sleep, reaches the ears of the villagers, they all pick up whatever weapon they can find and await the coming of the adventurers. Such evil people are not welcome in Restville and the villagers will do anything to prevent them from passing through!
Let your party be in for an unexpected surprise and give them the Battle of Restville!


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