Ruined estate


This pack contains:

  •  a high resolution version (for printing) with grid (16×22)
  •  a low resolution version (for VTT) with grid (16×22)
  •  a low resolution version (for VTT) without grid (16×22)

Hidden in the forest northwest of Lifferburgh lies a ruined estate. It belonged to a wealthy family, but 20 years ago, strange blue lights were seen above the forest. A day later, all the inhabitants of the estate were found dead with burn marks on their body.

Who did it and why was never discovered, but the citizens of Lifferburgh have been wary of the place ever since. They call it the work of demons and do not dare to set foot on the estate. It is in a far state of decay now, with the walls around it crumbling and leaving gaps. Trees have started to overgrow the place, the roofs have collapsed in parts.

Who knows what lies hidden under the rubble… and what evil protects it!


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