Fantasy-style map of Scotland

How about starting your next game in a fantasy-styled setting of Scotland? Let your players wander through the Highlands or cross the sea to the Hebrides or even the Orkeys.

After purchasing this map, you can download both a map that includes labels of most of the major cities, towns and rivers of current Scotland and a map without labels  (but with the city icons). Let’s see how long it takes your players before they find out where they actually are! Up to you how you want to play this out.

This map is also available on several products, such as posters, canvas prints, pillows or even on a shower curtain. Check out the printed maps for more!

If you want a custom-made version of this map that includes cities or places that are currently not on the map, they can be added for an extra €5. Send an e-mail with your personal request!

Also check out the detailed maps (in the same high resolution) of Ireland and Wales or the full map of the Anglo-Celtic Isles.


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