The Bloodlands – Ancient lands of vampires


This download contains 2 versions of the map:

  • 4960 x 3508 version for high quality printing up to A3 size paper
  • 4960 x 3508 VTT-friendly version of under 7MB

The Bloodlands are the last bastion of some of the most ancient and powerful vampire clans. While being driven out of the most populated parts and towards the edges of the known world, it is here in the Bloodlands that the vampires still thrive. For humans or any other race, it is very unwise to set foot on these shores. Unless you don’t mind that your blood is served for breakfast…

Create your own RPG campaign or adventure in the Bloodlands!

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– For a €20 fee, you can get all the labels on this map customized to really make it your own, personal fantasy world.
– Completely custom fantasy maps, made for you from scratch, start at €100.
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