The Canopy Inn – Interior


This pack contains:

  • High resolution (for print) with grid;
  • High resolution (for print) without grid
  • High resolution with the name ‘The Canopy Inn’ on it (for print) with grid
  • Low resolution (for VTT) with grid;
  • Low resolution (for VTT) without grid.
An inn high up in the trees!
I like to not wander off too far from a possible reality when it comes to my maps and world building. I like alternative histories, low magic, things that COULD be real, but are not in our world. And then continue the thought of how that would could develop, what differences with our own world and own history there can be.
With this map, I’ve stretched reality to the point that potentially, it’s still possible, but I don’t know of any such large place with a tavern part, kitchen and 3 sleeping quarters up in the trees. But still… it COULD be real… and how cool would that be?!
The Canopy Inn has 3 rooms to rent: a low-budget one with two single beds, a reasonably priced larger one with a double bed and a luxurious one with a double and a single bed and: a bathtub!
You can also just go for a drink or meal in the Canopy Inn and if you’re lucky, there’s a performance on the stage in the bar.
Only one way to enter the inn: with the central building stairs. The only way to reach the middle sized bedroom is by using the rope bridge….
Enjoy using the map!
The exterior of this inn is available for free, so don’t forgot to add that to your shopping basket!


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