The Iron Marshes


The download contains a VTT-friendly version both without and with grid (24×34). The resolution is 3508 x 2480.

In the webshop you can find 2 more encounter maps of Egilholm, as well as a city map. Together, enough to create your own, full adventure!

Outside the city walls of Egilholm, are the Iron Marshes. A soaky, wet area where sane people don’t go. The water has a rusty color, from the iron-rich soil. The only person living in these marshes, is Jawyn the hermit. Together with another encounter map that you can find in the webshop (Jawyn the hermit’s home) and a city map of Egilholm, you can create your own adventure around this setting. There’s a 3rd encounter map available of a location within the city walls of Egilholm (Lair of the Hollow Creeper). Can you merge all of this into one adventure?


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