The Realms of Lokri – A highly detailed, extremely varied fantasy world


This is a digital file of a map of the Realms of Lokri, a fictional place that can be used for any game that requires a highly details fantasy setting. The download includes 4 different versions: with labels and cities or without them, as well as a high resolution versions (4960 x 7016) for printing and smaller, slightly compressed versions (3508 x 4962) for easy use in virtual tabletops (VTT).

‘The Realms of Lokri’ is an extremely detailed and varied piece of fantasy, suitable for any type of RPG campaign. For the rest of your life, you won’t run out of unique places to visit with your adventurers. The labeled version of the map contains 336 towns, cities and city-states as well as 50 unique regions and nations. From the highly volcanic Ravaged Lands to Desert of Ish-Zamar. From the Frozen Shore to the Susorian Swamps. And from the mighty Urvarian Empire to the Vinatari Wastes. In the Realms of Lokri, there’s always something new to discover.

As a gamemaster you just need to look at the map, zoom in to certain places and the adventures will already start to shape in your head. You can use the many hundreds of names that are on the labeled version or make all the names up for yourself and use the unlabeled version. It’s going to be your world, your choice!

File type: JPG.

– For a €20 fee, you can get all the labels on this map customized to really make it your own, personal fantasy world.
– Completely custom fantasy maps, made for you from scratch, start at €100.
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