The White Tower of Kindara


The product contains 2 versions:
4960 x 7013 for printing in high quality up to A2 size poster
2481 x 3508 for printing in high quality up to A4 size printing paper or for VTT use (under 8MB)

On the eastside of Kindara, the ancients built a white tower. The tower is older than the oldest books and than any city. Children are being told that when they don’t listen, they’ll be brought to the White Tower. Adults fear it and nobody dares to come close. What will happen if anyone does? Not a person in the world can tell you. And not a person would risk it to find out.

Make up your own story of what’s inside the White Tower and run a campaign on this seemingly peaceful continent! The map is available in high resolution printing format as well as a VTT version.


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