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A world map of Vorena in A2 size (300 PPI)


Vorena is a world that looks safe and peaceful at first sight. However, there are strange things going on recently. The city leaders in the east are getting more and more frustrated by the century-long rule of the western cities. Armies are being gathered, mercenaries hired and the whole world is soon ready to enter an all-out war.

Some people believe only in the strength of their weapons, while others turn their attention to half forgotten ancient tales about artifacts hidden deep in the mountains or a strange energy coming from the depths of the lakes of Vorena. Nobody knows what’s waiting for those who try to find these ancient secrets…

You will receive two versions of the map: one with cities and roads and if you prefer to place and name cities yourself, you will also get a version without cities and roads.


1 review for Vorena

  1. Nicholas Stienberg (verified owner)

    Awesome map!

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