Westfarthing – A cozy, little adventure map


Somewhere, in a small region called the Westfarthing, an adventure is about to start. Strange sightings have been reported of creatures with large claws and sharp teeth. People and cattle have gone missing and everybody’s getting nervous. What’s happening in the Barren Wastes? What’s lurking in the Lonely Moor? Who rules the castle looking out over Blackbarrow? What night activities take place in the Forgotten Forest? And what’s up with the camps of traveling nomads suddenly popping up out of nowhere?

Create your own rpg adventures with the help of this map and give your campaign a flying start!

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– For a €20 fee, you can get all the labels on this map customized to really make it your own, personal fantasy world.
– Completely custom fantasy maps, made for you from scratch, start at €100.
Contact me for details.

This download contains 2 versions of the map:

  • 7013 x 4960 high resolution for printing A2, with labels and villages
  • 4960 x 3508 for use in various VTT, without labels and villages


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