Westport docks


The pack contains:

  • high resolution version (7019×4962) with 17×24 grid for printing on A2 at 300 PPI
  • lower resolution version (1685×1191) with 17×24 grid
  • lower resolution version (1685×1191) without grid


The Rusty River, coming from the Iron Hills, meets the sea at Westport. Many of the small boats transporting resources (mostly iron) from the Iron Hills transfer their goods to bigger, seafaring ships at the Westport Docks.

But of course, this battle map comes without labels, so as a gamemaster you can use it in any setting or in any campaign that you are running.

Some plot suggestions:

  • You hear of a smugglers’ trade taking place at the docks tonight…
  • A famous monster hunter captured a never-seen-before monster and the ship with the monster on board will arrive this afternoon…
  • A famous magician arrives at the docks from a far-away empire and many people gather to see him. He ends up being utterly boring and leaves without saying a word. Later, you notice all your money is gone and you see a trail of blood drops leading away from the ship…
  • You hear that one ship in the docks has an extraordinary artefact on board. At night, the ship is guarded, but the artefact is really, really special….



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