Woodcutter’s lodge


This pack contains a version with a graveyard and one without it. As always, with and without a (23×16) grid. It also contains a small map of the inside of the lodge which you can use in case your players want to enter the lodge. It’s made at a corresponding resolution to the large map version, so they fit 1 on 1 on each other.
Resolution: 7019×4962 and 1685×1191.
For those who like a plot hook along with the map (with the graveyard), here’s the story:
Halfway between Lobman’s Fork and Montovar, the road turns south, crossing an unnamed river that merges with the much larger Rusty River at Lobman’s Fork. Just before the bridge that crosses the river, stands an isolated stone lodge, half covered by trees. The lodge is home to Urf, a dwarven woodcutter who lost his wife in an accident of his doing several years ago. She buried across the bridge, in a very old, small graveyard.
Urf can’t accept the fact that his wife died by his mistake. His grief hasn’t changed since it happened and he’s always kept hope he can somehow get his wife back. One day, two years ago, a traveling merchant passed by his lodge and told him he owned a scroll that is said to have been written by a necromancer. It’s supposed to give instructions on how to raise people from the dead.
To the surprise of the merchant, Urf believes his made-up story and buys the scroll. For two years, Urf has been busy translating and understanding what’s written. He then tests his newly learned skill on a dead mouse and to his surprise, the mouse comes back to life. In his excitement, Urf runs outside towards the graveyard, not knowing that moments later, the mouse’s eyes glow red, its skin evaporates and only its skeleton remains, still…. sort of alive.
Urf arrives at his wife’s grave and repeats what he did with the mouse. After moments, he sees the ground on his wife’s grave moving. It worked!
But his wife isn’t made of flesh. Instead a ghostly form, slightly resembling the features of his wife, appears. Through his tears, Urf makes eye contact and feels that the ghost recognizes him. There’s a moment of deep regret in the ghost’s eyes before it flies off at great speed to the west, along the river.
Urf is devastated, unable to follow her. Not fully realizing yet what he has done, he turns around to walk back to his lodge. He wants to lie down, scream and forget. While he walks away, the ground above the other graves starst to move… The stones of the crypt and tombs makes a soft, scraping sound.
Unknowingly, Urf didn’t only raise his wife from the dead….


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