Wooden fort


This download contains 4 versions:

  • VTT-friendly (resolution 4962 x 3508) with a 16×23 grid
  • VTT-friendly (resolution 4962 x 3508) without grid
  • High resolution (7019 x 4962) with 16×23 grid, suitable for A2 printing
  • High resolution (7019 x 4962) without grid, suitable for A2 printing

Along the north-south road towards the less populated areas of the Protectorate are several wooden forts. These are used for replenishing supplies of soldiers, as well as the occasional merchant who dares venturing to the edges of civilization. In the wooden fort, messengers can also change their horse for a fresh one to make sure that an important message reaches every corner of the Protectorate as quickly as possible.

The stockpiles of food do attract unwanted guests however. Not only local tribespeople, but also the occasional wild beasts are occasionally trying their luck getting inside the palisades…


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