Tales of Asnia

A Fantasy Escape Board Game

Get ready for a new, immersive fantasy setting!

Most of the world has been explored, its locations mapped and its history written in the annals of renown libraries. Humans have founded kingdoms and empires that are forever struggling to gain more power, more wealth and eventually, the most prominent spot in history books. Those who lose, will be forgotten…

But something is stirring along the edges of human civilization. And according to rumors, even within the borders of the great empires. Races and creatures who lost their place in history centuries ago – their existence lost in oblivion – are standing up once more. Long ago expelled to the barren places of the world, where no sensible human would dare to go, these forgotten races are preparing to take back their place in history.

The world of Asnia is on the brink of facing the Rise of the Disremembered. Make sure not to be left out, for history can be unforgiving!

The game board of Fenna’s Farm. Numbers on the board direct you to clues and puzzles. To enter the various rooms, you need to unlock doors that are locked by magic runes. Gradually, you work your way around the board.

A warrior of the Vaagh, one of the forgotten races in the Tales of Asnia

Map of the Monakin Empire to which Summerfrost belongs


Somewhere in this large, chaotic world, in a rather remote part of the Monakin Empire, is a district called Summerfrost. This is where our adventure begins as the flapping of the wings of a butterfly that can cause hurricanes that may one day roam the world…

Summerfrost is a region that on the one hand has always been there and on the other hand has never really existed. The people who live there, live there because their parents lived there. And their parents lived there because their parents
lived there. And so it goes for generation upon generation, until the point in
history that nobody can remember and nothing has ever been recorded.

It was only 40 years ago, that the region that never really was, suddenly turned up in history. It became a name in administrations and on maps. The emperor Jonakin 3rd of the powerful Monakin Empire had set eyes on the resource-rich regions that are called the Borderlands and soon sent forth his armies to take what didn’t really belong to anybody yet.

The Borderlands is an undefined area which – if you’d really want to and gave it a try anyway – could best be defined as the lands east of Urk’s Crossing up to the point where no one dares to go. The people of Summerfrost never knew they lived in the Borderlands, just like they didn’t know they lived in Summerfrost. They just happened to live in a place where the Monakin army passed through on their way to the Iron Hills. This apparently happened on the coldest morning of summer in the year 1013, when Emperor Jonakin 3rd opened his luxurious tent and stepped out on the grass that was covered with a thin layer of frost crystals, right before he was asked by his chief administrator what this newly founded district was supposed to be called…

Jonakin 3rd’s army left and captured the Iron Hills from whatever creatures dwelled in those hills. On their way back, the army stayed for a few days just outside the town of Nitherport on the banks of the river Ilvan. For no other reason than Jonakin being there when he was asked to appoint a capital of this newly founded district, it was that Nitherport received said title and the royal cartographer quickly altered the southern border of Summerfrost because he was too afraid to inform the emperor that the city wasn’t actually part of the district yet.

And so it came to be that on the first day of summer 1093, you and your group are on your way to Nitherport. The town has since then expanded to a relatively large city full of wealthy people and even fuller of people seeking wealth.

You are pretty sure you will fit right in! Several days before arriving at the district capital, after a long march, you reach the small village of Alverton. Time to take a break, get some food and ale…

The only tavern in Alverton

Immersive, Grand, Overwhelming

The Tales of Asnia are born from passion; for story-telling, world building, puzzling, escape rooms, map-making and fantasy tales. We want players not only to enjoy the stories we write and games we create, but also to share our passions. We want you to feel the world of Asnia. From the power struggles between empires to the tensions between humans and the forgotten races.

We don’t want to just tell you the story of the Rise of the Disremembered, but we want you to be part of it. Your actions decide which way the world is going, who gets a chapter in the history books.

The Tales of Asnia have a main story line, while every individual game is a side quest on its own. Ideally, they are played in order, but no harm’s done when if not. The series of games will make plenty of use of maps, all made by Fantasymapshop. We believe that maps encourage and inspire the imagination and enhance the feeling of being part of another world.

What’s next?

Work on the Tales of Asnia is in full swing, but still only just started. It’s a long term project which we will launch game by game. If you feel that, after reading this, you want to be part of the Tales of Asnia and see this world and the unique game concept come to life, then keep an eye out for future updates. If you’re the first to know when our Kickstarter will launch, you’re also in the front seat for great early-bird rewards!

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