Tales of Asnia

Where myths and legends become reality

In a world called Asnia, myths are not just stories from the past.

They’re the stories that are being shaped right now.

Beasts & Glory

In this giant and immersive open world board game, you play as a band of four Collectors who team up to gather as many artifacts as possible, while hopefully slaying some rare beasts and doing some unique quests that give you glory along the way. 

Unlike in many other games, you don’t play the brave adventurer or the mighty super hero. The playable characters are somewhat of an anti-hero. But in Beasts & Glory, you don’t have to do the dirty job of killing beasts yourself. You can simply hire mercenaries to do it for you, who happen to be the bravest, strongest and mightiest adventurers and superheroes you can find!

Slay beasts, gain glory and wealth in this open world strategy game.

Solve puzzles and unravel the mystery in this escape board game.

Fenna’s Farm

In this escape board game, you all choose your fantasy character and set out to a small, charming farm on the shores of a lake. Fenna’s husband disappeared just a few days ago and it’s your task to find out what happened.

Fenna’s Farm is a unique mix between a board game and an at-home escape room. By solving puzzles, you slowly unravel the mystery of the farm.


The Queen’s Cave

In this RPG one-shot adventure, which can be used in your favorite tabletop RPG, you embark on a journey to the Puffin Islands. However, you will soon find out that the inhabitants of the islands are being harassed by giant, man-eating birds.

Help the islanders and find an artifact in the Queen’s Cave while preventing them from eating you…

Embark on an adventure to the Puffin Islands.

Insert this kingdom of monster hunters into your own campaign.

Kingdom of Ordur

This map pack includes a location guide describing 5 villages and cities in the Kingdom of Ordur, as well as giving inspiration and plot hooks for your own adventures. 

Go on monster excursions, join the Hunting Club or visit a small, mysterious village high in the mountains. These maps help you create your own stories and adventures and will surely help your players get in the right mindset.