Fenna’s Farm

A Fantasy Escape Board Game

A fantasy escape board game

Fenna lives in a charming little farm at the shores of a lake. Three days ago, her husband disappeareed under mysterious circumstances. Can you help Fenna find out what happened to him by following the trail of hints he left behind?

Puzzle your way through magic doors and unravel the story in a world full of mystery!

A fun game for everybody

The audience of this game is not only board gamers, not only escape game enthusiasts and not only DnD players. It’s in the first place for people who like cooperative games with an interesting story and challenging puzzles.

The game board of Fenna’s Farm. Numbers on the board direct you to clues and puzzles. To enter the various rooms, you need to unlock doors that are locked by magic runes. Gradually, you work your way around the board.

Choose your character

The game can be played with up to 4 players who all choose their character before the game: a druid, a warrior, an elf or a dwarf. You play as a team, but each character has some unique knowledge or skills to bring to the game. Work together to make the best use of each character.

Use your brains, not your fists

Combining aspects of different types of games is always tricky since some of them need to be rid of. We wanted to have the challenges of escape game puzzles, the adventure style of Dungeons & Dragons and the fun of sitting around a board at the table of a traditional board game. For dnd players: no, there’s no fighting involved. Only the warrior character might have a tiny bit of fighting spirit still left, but besides that: use your brains and work together! Only that will open the doors to unravel the story.

A series of adventures in The Shard

The Shard is one of the five regions in the Summerfrost District which is part of the Monakin Empire in a world called Asnia.

The adventure games take place in a fantasy world called Asnia. Throughout the game you’ll learn more about this world and its mysteries. The first game in the series which introduces you to this new world is called Fenna’s Farm and the portal to another world. It has a special, short tutorial module in a tavern so you can start playing right away while learning the game mechanics. All the games in the series have an overarching story-line, but are still playable as stand-alone games.

Proof of faith

The game is being created by Wacky Wheels and Fantasymapshop.

Fantasymapshop is run by Edwin Menzo who is a life-long passionate mapmaker with over a hundred fantasy maps created for fantasy authors, dungeon masters and film makers.

Wacky Wheels creates escape games, both outdoors and virtual and is run by Klaudia Yuser, Johan Kruseman and Edwin Menzo. You can check out their games at www.wackywheels.nl

Don’t miss out!

The first game in the series, Fenna’s Farm, is almost ready for play-testing. After that it will be edited and our search begins for the best way to take the game in production. If you want to follow us on our journey towards a successful Kickstarter, sign up for the newsletter! We promise not to spam you unless we really have something exciting to show!