Tales of Asnia

A Fantasy Escape Board Game

Let the games begin!

The first play tests – with our friends – are done and have lead to some great changes. We are now confident to bring it to people we don’t know yet. People like you!

There’s a board, there’s a manual and there are many cards. We don’t have our own pawns yet (preferably miniatures), so never mind the bunnies we borrowed from a Dixit game 🙂

The game board of Fenna’s Farm. Numbers on the board direct you to clues and puzzles. To enter the various rooms, you need to unlock doors that are locked by magic runes. Gradually, you work your way around the board.

The biggest change since the first play tests, is that we added a tutorial to the game (on the backside of the game board). It’s not that the game has many rules or complex mechanics, but in order to focus on the game and the story right from the start, we wanted to get rid of a traditional ‘instruction manual’. So, we created a tutorial that takes place in a tavern, including the intro story as well as 3 extra puzzles as warm-up. The entire game takes approximately 3-5 hours.

Do you want to be a play-tester?

It’s not easy to get a game properly play tested in corona times. It’s a physical board game, so people need to be physically together to play it. Normally, we’d go to board game gatherings, dnd groups or game shops and let people play while taking notes. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible right now.

To still have the game tested, we are looking for people who can and want to play the game with 2, 3 or 4 people. We would then bring the game and pick it up again later. Play testing the game is of course entirely for free, but due to our limited budget, we are not in a position to give away the play test version of the game and need it back for other testers.

So, for now, we are looking for play testers from The Netherlands only (sorry everybody else!!!). If you’re interested, please reply to fantasymapshop@gmail.com and we’ll discuss the details.

Your help is much appreciated!!