Wonderdraft Academy

Enhance your mapmaking skills

Welcome to the Wonderdraft Academy!

Are you planning to start on your first map using Wonderdraft? Or do you already have some experience with the software, but want to further enhance your skills? Then you’re in the right place!

After 4 years of professional mapmaking and creating more than 400 fantasy maps, I started the Wonderdraft Academy to get more people passionate about fantasy mapmaking with Wonderdraft. This versatile software package is the number 1 choice for usability and getting the best results within a short amount of time.

Combining my experience and my geographical background, I am ready to teach you all the concepts of fantasy mapmaking in Wonderdraft, as well as the geography behind the maps.

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Early membership advantage

Since the Academy has only just opened its doors, many things still need to be shaped. I am dedicated to writing lots of guides, creating templates and providing feedback and help, but this won’t happen in an instant.

For early members, this means you have a lot of influence in the direction of the Academy. Topics that you, as an early member would like to learn more about will get priority. Also, there will be more room for personal feedback and tip in the early days of the Academy. Make use of this opportunity by signing up now!

Latest Wonderdraft Quick Guide

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Current available Wonderdraft templates for members

After becoming a member of the Wonderdraft Academy through my Patreon, you get access to a library of Wonderdraft files. As a member, you can request new templates. The current ones that you get access to are:

  1. Afognak Island (Alaska) with mountains
  2. Ancient Egypt, colored with mountains and towns
  3. Ancient Egypt empty
  4. Australia
  5. Basic skull-shaped island
  6. Britain and Ireland
  7. Caribbean
  8. Che Guevara shaped land
  9. China with cities
  10. Earth
  11. Europe
  12. Greece
  13. Hyborian Age (Conan the Barbarian)
  14. Hyborian Age with mountains, forests and rivers
  15. Japan
  16. Japan with mountains and rivers
  17. Kanto (Pokemon) with towns, colored
  18. Korea and northeast China
  19. Nelson Mandela shaped land
  20. Netherlands
  21. New Penzance island (Wes Anderson movie)
  22. New York state
  23. Okinawa
  24. Okinawa with towns, forests and mountains
  25. Perfect circle (atol)
  26. Poseidon’s revenge (Atlantic region with 250m sea level rise)
  27. Puerto Rico
  28. South America
  29. The Belgariad world (book series)
  30. Turkey
  31. Ukraine with borders, mountains and rivers
  32. Ukraine